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Mobile Tower Radiation And Its Impact On Human Health

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There are two categories of radiation – one is ionizing radiation in which X-rays come and the other is non-ionizing radiation wherein the mobile phone radiation as well as mobile tower radiation fall. The former is high-frequency radiation that causes cancer whereas the later one is low-frequency radiation which also has been proved to be a causative factor for cancer if the human body is exposed to it over a longer period of time. 

Oncologists have no doubt about the ill-effects of ionizing radiation, however, the science fraternity across the globe is equally unanimous about the adverse impact of low-frequency radiation emitted by cell phones, cell phone towers, and other wireless gadgets used for connectivity. Apart from the solid proof by the WHO agency on the link between the radiofrequency electromagnetic field and cancer, there are some incidents that confirm the correlation between mobile tower radiation and serious health issues to humans. 

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Indian Judiciary Took The Mobile Tower Radiation Seriously

According to the report in Business Standard dated April 12, 2017, the supreme court of India asked the state-run telecommunication company BSNL to shut the mobile phone tower that reportedly caused cancer to a Gwalior resident. The apex court gave the verdict over the plea by cancer patient Harish Chand Ravat, professionally a domestic help in Gwalior, who held mobile tower responsible for his cancer. The mobile tower was erected less than 20 meters closer to the house where he was working. This was the first time in India when the highest judiciary admitted ill-effects of low-frequency electromagnetic radiation (EMR) emitted by the mobile towers.

In another such instance reported by Hindustan Times, three mobile towers were installed in proximity to the Upscale-C Scheme neighborhood in Jaipur in 2003. At first, two brothers from the area diagnosed with brain cancer. In 2011, the inter-ministerial committee recommended a reduction in exposure to 450 mw/sq m. To date, seven people from the radiation affected neighborhood in Jaipur have diagnosed with cancer.

Health Hazards Caused By Mobile Tower Radiation

Not only cancer, but there are also an array of health issues that are the direct result of electromagnetic radiation produced by mobile phones and mobile towers. As the number of mobile phone users increased, the installation of mobile towers also saw an increasing trend so as to cater to the vast majority of mobile users. Given the necessity of connectivity, mobile phones are now an unavoidable part of our life. In our homes and at the workplaces, we need a mobile phone for various purposes. 24/7 proximity with this multipurpose wireless device makes us continuously exposed to the radiofrequency electromagnetic field (RF-EMF). And the outcome is higher stress and fatigue, irritation, poor sleep quality, headache, and many more short term issues.

Research published in biomedical and life sciences journal literature, USA points out that the RF-EMF has “deleterious effects on sperm parameters (like sperm count, morphology, motility), affects the role of kinases in cellular metabolism and the endocrine system, and produces genotoxicity, genomic instability, and oxidative stress”. 

Mobile Tower Radiation In India Is Quite Higher Than The Safe Limit

India is the country which hosts almost one-fifth of the world population, the reason behind the huge base of mobile phone users in India. These mobile phones transmit and receive signals to and from the mobile towers spread across the country forming a connectivity network. Mobile towers emit harmful electromagnetic radiation and the globally permissible safe limit of radiation level is 0.5 milliwatt per meter square. In India, this limit was badly surpassed to reach 900 times higher in 2013 according to the report in Hindustan Times. 

If we talk about India’s current mobile tower radiation level, we have a radiation exposure limit of 9.2 watts per meter square which is still higher than countries like China (0.4 w/sq m) and Russia (0.2 w/sq m).

Want To Protect You From Mobile Tower Radiation? Here Are Some Solutions

Just like mobile phones, mobile towers are also equally harmful to our health. The low-frequency electromagnetic radiation is continuously eroding our health and exposing us to greater health risks. If we want to protect ourselves from Mobile Tower Radiation, we need to employ some precautionary as well as curative measures.

Ensure mobile tower installation beyond the standard safe distance from the place, generally home and office where you spend most of your time. As per the studies, the mobile phone towers within the range of 400 meters can cause adverse impacts on human health. 

Given the technological exigencies in the wirelessly connected world, we sometimes may not have the option of where the mobile tower should be installed. Therefore, we can take resort to some curative instant solutions such as the certified radiation protection products by Environics. Envirochip and Enviroglobe are unique and credible products that provide us all-round protection from mobile tower radiation. The radiation protection technology implemented in these products changes the nature of electromagnetic radiation from constant waveform to random waveform thus making radiation ineffective to human health.


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