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Causes of Stress: What Are The Sources of Stress?

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Stress is our body’s quick, automatic response to the real or imagined threat. Stress sometimes serves a good purpose being a defensive mechanism on situational demand while sometimes it creates anxiety for no reason leading to some serious health issues over time. It also matters most that how we think of things happening to us or in the surrounding environment. To a certain extent, stress is helpful; but persistent stress can harm in a long run.


According to the pan-India survey conducted in 2019 and published by Statista, the young adults in the age group of 20 to 29 are the most stressed in India. The major cause behind this stressed-out youth is “peer pressure, pressure to succeed in academics or work and irregular routine.”


Causes of stress, therefore, can be traced into the disturbed work-life balance, strained interpersonal relationships, unrealistic expectations from life, and negative approach towards things. Exposure to the electromagnetic field generated by wireless communication devices also causes a higher level of stress and fatigue. 


On a positive perception, stress helps us to be energetic, alert and focused. Whereas, on the negative perception of things, stress can throw us into depression even though there are no real stress triggers. Stress can be short-term which is not really harmful or long-term which is actually a serious concern for many valid reasons. Long-term stress causes mental as well as physical illness and if not managed it can ruin a life.


What Causes Stress?


The main sources of stress triggers are – work, money, family responsibilities, health concern, and emf exposure. The last source is an unseen threat yet one of the most dangerous to mankind due to the harmful nature of electromagnetic radiation.


Work: Workplace stress including working for long hours, unemployment, job loss, risk of termination, etc are the major stress triggers in the life of working professionals. Excessive work stress can interfere with life, risks relationships, and reduces the productivity and performance of an individual.


Money: People are more concerned about their finances. Unexpected expenses, bank EMI’s, saving for life after retirement, essential payments such as electricity bills, etc. are some of the stress triggers related to money and financial security. Poverty and debt rank higher among money stress triggers.


Family Responsibilities: Family is the main support system for all of us. People prioritize family responsibilities over other needs. Education of kids, meeting the daily requirements of family members and taking care of elderlies cause stress in a day to day life.


Health Concern: Health is by far the most important thing. We can’t afford to compromise our health and hence, the chronic illness to us and our loved ones causes much stress.


EMF Exposure: Electromagnetic radiation (EMR) by wireless communication devices such as mobile phones, laptops, and wifi routers is an unseen yet unavoidable threat. Continuous exposure to electromagnetic field (EMF) caused by EMR emitting gadgets and equipments cause stress and fatigue. As we can not completely keep these gadgets away owing to the tech-enabled work life, the emr-induced stress is a reality that we can not escape.


Solutions To Reduce Stress Caused By Radiation At Home As Well As At The Workplace


While the sources of other stress triggers are controllable, we can not stop our exposure to harmful radiation. It’s a known fact that emr causes serious health issues such as cancer, heart disease, and fertility issues along with a higher level of stress, fatigue, and irritation. The emr-induced stress takes a toll on our productivity, health, and relationships and hence we must take it seriously


Use certified radiation protection products to nullify stress from your life


Envirochip and Enviroglobe, the real stress buster products by Environics effectively eliminate the stress factor from our life. These radiation protection products protect us from internal as well as external radiation sources at home and workplace.


Know more about electromagnetic radiation, its adverse impacts on health, and the available solutions.


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