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We have been fortunate enough to be appreciated and covered by National as well as regional media across the country

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Syenergy Environics is now a global brand due to its unique and genuine radiation protection technology. We have been in the news constantly and a number of reports and articles have been published in all types of media channels. The launch of Envirochip on 20th December 2018 at Jaipur got wide publicity and has been covered by various news platforms both print media as well as television such as A1 TV, Digi News, Daily News, Dainik Bhaskar, Dainik Bhor, Dainik Kanchan Kesri, Dainik Navajyoti, Eve Post, Hukumnama, Jagruk Times, Jaipur Mahanagar, Jalte Deep, Nafa Nuksan, Punjab Kesari, Rajasthan Patrika, Rashtriya Sahara, Times of India and Vanijya Setu.

At another event on 10th Oct 2018, at Jodhpur, Rajasthan, we launched Envirochip, our flagship radiation protection product. The event was covered by leading newspapers in Rajasthan such as Dainik Nagar Prabha, Dainik Navjyoti, Hukumnama Samachar, Jangan, Maru Lehar, Maru Tikon Parikrama, Mehka Sansar, Rajasthan Khoj Khabar, Rajasthan Patrika, Tarun Rajasthan, Teesra Prahar, Ujjala Bharat.

Amrit India report dated 27th February 2019, explains how Envirochip protects human health from the harmful effects of electromagnetic radiation. Dainik Jagran’s articles published in their Jaipur, Kolkata, and Delhi edition on 17th February 2019 were based on awareness of radiation risk. Dainik Savera covered the Envirochip launch event at Delhi on 11th February 2019. Sanmarg’s article on 7th February 2019 contains how radiation protection technology in Envirochip protects us from electromagnetic radiation. Veer Arjun reported our Delhi launch event of Envirochip happened on 27th February 2019.

Business Remedies and Dainik Kanchan Kesari, both the regional news platforms in Jaipur published an article on 27th March 2019 on steps to reduce the risk of health problems due to mobile phone radiation. On 12th January 2019 Money Bhaskar of Dainik Bhaskar group threw light on the features of Envirochip and stated how an affordable yet highly effective radiation purifier by Environics is a trusted solution to negate radiation risk. Dehradun based leading regional newspapers Pradhan Times, Uttar Bharat Live, Uttar Ujala, and Veer Arjun on 25th March 2019, published an article containing advice on reducing mobile phone radiation. Swatantra Bharat published a report of the Envirochip launch on 28th February 2019. The Public Side, a Jaipur based regional media platform published Quote by Manisha Matanhelia, on women’s day 5th March 2019.

In January 2019, Buyer’s Guide, a print magazine published an article – Buyer’s Guide to air purifier – protection from electrosmog. Another magazine, My Mobile, published a detailed interview by Pranav Poddar, director of Syenergy Environics in their October 2018 publication.

Financial Express, India’s leading newspaper published an article on 29th December 2019 on Envirochip titled ‘India’s first radiation protection solution’. Likewise, the other prime media platforms, magazines, and national dailies in the country also had coverage that included radiation protection by Environics by using Envirochip, Enviroglobe, and Envirocover.

The related news reports that have mention of Environics are as follows:

The Hindu (2nd January 2020)

– Finding ways of healing geopathic stress, Amar Ujala (23rd February 2020)

– Janleva hai geopathic stress, The Economic Times (12th December 2020)

– On Universal Health Coverage Day, India pledges to keep the promise, Grihashobha Magazine (March 2020)

– Enviroglobe, The Morning Standard (4th February 2020)

– Saving the environment through science, Woman’s Era Magazine (March 2020)

– Protection against radiation toxicity, and also there was an article in a magazine in February 2020 issue with title ‘V-Day special gifts under 5000’. Express Healthcare magazine in its March 2020 issue published an article with the title ‘Constant exposure to electromagnetic radiation causes loss of immunity’.


The list is lengthy. We are constantly in news for reasons such as our product launch, interviews, and awareness of radiation safety. Syenergy Environics found mention in the following media platforms:

Aaj Samaj – 19th December 2019

Adhikar (Faridabad) – 17th Deceber 2019

Choutha Sansar (Indore) – 18 December 2019

Prajavani (Bangalore) – March 2020

Dainik Chaitanya Lok (Indore) – 17th December 2019

The Public Side (Jaipur) – 17th December 2019

Dainik Adhikar (Jaipur) – 18th December 2019

Dainik Bhor (Jaipur) – 18th December 2019

Free Press (Ahmedabad) – 18th December 2019

Global Herald (Indore) – 18th December 2019

Gujrat Pranam (Ahmedabad) – 20th December 2019

Herald Young Leader (Ahmedabad) – 19th December 2019

Indore Samachar (Indore) – 18th November 2019

Janhitaishi (Ahmedabad) – 18th November 2019

Nirmal Metro (Ahmedabad) – 20th December 2019

Prabhat (Ahmedabad) – 20th December 2019

Punjab Kesri (Punjab) – 18th December 2019

Raj Express (Indore) – 20th December 2019

Rashtriya Swarup (Lucknow) – 18th December 2019

Sabandh (Ahmedabad) – 20th December 2019

Sarokar (Delhi) – 17th December 2019

Vinay Ujala (Indore) – 18th December 2019

Voice of Lucknow (Lucknow) – 18th December 2019



ETHealthWorld – Economic Times – 12th December 2019

Indian Express Online – 27th December 2019

Realty Plus ( Business World Group Magazine) – 30th January 2020

Arivaa (Living, Etc. Group Magazine) – 2nd February 2020

New Indian Express – 4th February 2020

Sustainability Next – February 2020

H2S Media – 10th December 2019

BOTT India – 16th December 2019

Business Fortnight – 17th December 2019

Lok Varta – 18th December 2019

Khabre Raat Din – 18th December 2019

Daily Hunt – 17th December 2019

Express Healthcare – 6th March 2020

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