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Harmful Effects of Mobile Radiation – How To Protect Yourself

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Mobile radiation is a buzzword in today’s digital world. The more we use mobile phones, the more we are exposed to the harmful electromagnetic radiation (EMR) emitted by all kind of wireless communication devices including mobile phones.

As much as three billions of smartphones are in use across the globe and in the next few years the number is projected to grow enormously by a several hundred million. By 20221, the forecast expects smartphone users to exceed 3.8 billion mark. If we take India’s case, the smartphone users will reach over 760 million in the year 2021 according to the survey results published on Statista.

The figures are monumental when it comes to unique mobile users and there are almost 5.15 billion unique mobile users globally and they are growing at a rate of 2.4% yearly according to GSMA Intelligence.

Why the mobile phone radiation is harmful

Mobile phones work on connectivity through wireless satellite signals, wi-fi as well as bluetooth technology. Smartphones have all these connectivity features by default and that’s why all cell phones including smartphones and features phones emit electromagnetic radiation, a form of non-ionizing radiation with low-frequency.

The electromagnetic field (EMF) thus generated in a radiofrequency range is used for connectivity with other devices. We carry cell phones with us means we are exposed to electromagnetic field constantly. The answer to why is mobile phone radiation harmful lies in the fact that the radio frequency electromagnetic field (RF-EMF) consists of constant waveform whereas the human body accustomed to the random waveforms and therefore the human body is affected by radiation. Constant exposure to electromagnetic field causes serious biological disorders over a long time.

The research done in the field has confirmed that the electromagnetic radiation is the main reason behind the most modern day diseases.

Ill-effects of mobile phone radiation

In 1896, the ill-effects of radiation were first seen when Nikola Tesla experimented by subjecting his fingers to X-rays that resulted in burns. In 1927, we got significant evidence when Hermann Joseph Muller discovered the correlation between radiation and cancer risk. This research won Muller the Nobel prize in 1946.

Apart from the formal research and time-consuming clinical tests that time-to-time confirmed strong relationship between especially electromagnetic radiation and health hazards, we also know some of the ill-effects of radiation exposure by observation.

Higher stress & fatigue
Poor sleep quality
Weakened immunity
Fertility issues

The above-mentioned are some of the health problems caused by electromagnetic radiation from mobile phones. Many of us have been experiencing one or more such issues due to the exposure to cell phone radiation.

In a tech-enabled lifestyle, we are surrounded by many radiation sources and mobile phone radiation occupy a a great share of overall radiation risk.

In May 2011, IARC – The International Agency for Research on Cancer, a WHO agency has classified radiofrequency electromagnetic field (RF-EMF) as ‘possibly Carcinogenic’ to humans.

In the past few months of Covid-19 pandemic, this year, we have seen kids using mobile phones for online classes due to closing of schools in lockdown and the likewise reports of health issues caused to children health since the screen time has been greatly increased. Kids involved in online education are complaining of headache, irritation, fatigue and stress.

Awareness of and regulations to mitigate the radiation risk

Given the higher level of risk to human health, the people now seem to have awoken. The governments across the globe have made laws and regulation to control the use of mobile phones. Scientists have made appeals to governments to devise proper ways to limit people’s exposure to cell phone radiation. The following developments are seen in the field in order to spread awareness and lessen the human’s exposure to radiation.

Instructions by Apple in iPhone Manual Regarding Exposure to iPhone radiation
International EMF Scientist Appeal To UN Secretary-General
Report by Bioinitiative Working Group 2012 on Health Risks From EMF
Indian High Court Held Mobile Towers Causative For Health Hazards
Berkeley State of the USA adopted Cell Phone ‘Right To Know’ Ordinance
Canadian Parliament Committee Issued A Report on RF-EMR and Health of Canadians
A Study by ICMR, India, Found Radiation Harmful To Human Health
Israel and Italy Officially Recommend Reducing Children’s Exposure To Radiation
Belgium Govt. Banned Cell Phone Ads Aimed at Children Younger Than 14
Spanish Parliament Voted For Removal of Wi-Fi in Schools
Australian Govt. Agency Issued A Fact Sheet About Reducing Exposure Radiation From Mobile Phones
Finnish Govt. Authority Requires Children To Limit The Use Of Mobile Phone
Israel Govt. Issued Guidelines Limiting Wi-Fi and Cell Phone Use in Schools
Swiss Govt. Authority Directed Schools To Forgo The Use of Wireless Networks

You can read more about the above mentioned global awareness on radiation risk here.

Solution available for radiation protection

Self-restraint in terms of use of mobile phones and other wireless gadgets is the best solution to be safe from all the harmful effects on health caused by mobile radiation. However, the things are bit difficult in today’s digital life and quite impossible if we are working in the corporate world. The IoT devices, wireless communication devices, and related infrastructure are here to stay with us forever and we cant escape this reality.

The another solution we have is to use radiation protection technology to protect our life from harmful electromagnetic radiation. Envirochip, Envirocover and Enviroglobe are the state of the art radiation protection solutions by Environics. These certified radiation protection products are backed by rigorous research and clinical tests.

Envirochip is a kind of fix-and-forget solution which can be fixed on personal devices including mobile phone whereas Enviroglobe is a 360-degree approach to complete radiation protection that nullifies radiation from internal as well as external radiation sources beyond our control.


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