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Relation Between Electronic Gadget & Heart Heath

Environics December 20 2020 Share this:
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 The relation between Heart Problems & Your Mobile Phone 

✔️According to Softpedia.com, The European Research Institute for Electronic Components in Bucharest found that mobile phones emit radiation which causes red blood cell leak hemoglobin

✔️ According to researches radiation emitting from mobile phones causes higher stress levels which result in high blood pressure and heart disease.

✔️ Cell Phone may cause heart arrhythmia, heart palpitations, heart flutter, or rapid heartbeat and/vasovagal symptoms such as dizziness, nausea, [and] profuse sweating.” written in the hill.com

Radiation from electronic gadgets not only causes heart problems but also leads to higher fatigue, stress, poor sleep quality, reproductive & fertility issues.

So, if it is important to keep yourself away from mobile & use a radiation purifier to protect your body from the side effects of radiation emitting from mobile.

                                                       Protect the heart from ill effects of radiation with  Environics Healthy Heart Combo  Know More

👉What is Radiation Purifier? How it protects from Heart Diseases

Radiation Purifier changes the nature of harmful radiation in a way that they are no more harmful to the human body with its unique and scientifically proven technology. It creates a protective shield that protects from the harmful effects of radiation.

Note-  All your electronic gadgets emit harmful radiation including mobile, laptop, wifi, TV. The human body is not only impacted by internal sources of radiation but also external sources such as mobile towers, neighbor’s wi-fi, network servers etc.  

 Types of Radiation Purifier for Different Level of Protection

✔️ Envirochip- Radiation Purifier ( Protects from Internal Sources of Radiation)

Mobile phones, laptops/desktops, smart TVs, and wifi routers are the most used radiation-emitting devices. Envirochip takes care of electromagnetic radiation generated by all these devices. Just fix the tiny Envirochip on these gadgets and devices as mentioned in the user guide or product details. Like Enviroglobe, Envirochip comes with lifetime validity. So, it’s a one-time investment to have a life that is free from cardiovascular diseases.  Envirochip is clinically tested by Max Healthcare, AIIMs, and other globally renowned institutes and labs. MIT Review, USA has reviewed Envirochip as highly effective and DB Technology Lab, UK, has certified Envirochip as non-intrusive as it doesn’t impact signal strength or connectivity of devices. Shop Envirochip here.

✔️ Enviroglobe – Radiation Purifier (Complete radiation safety from internal as well as external sources)

The award-winning certified radiation protection solution. Enviroglobe protects us from radiation coming from every possible direction with its unique technology. You can place this coolest looking eco-friendly Enviroglobe in your home, office, on your car’s dashboard, or carry wherever you go to have 360-degree protection from harmful radiation emanated from wireless devices as well the sources beyond our control such as mobile towers, power-lines and neighbor’s radiofrequency sources. You will find your stress level has been greatly reduced helping you have a stress-free happy life. Enviroglobe is CE certified. Get your Enviroglobe here.

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