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Promote a Life Free from Mobile Radiation via Envirochip from Environics

Environics November 22 2021 Share this:

Mobile phones are the need of today, and we cannot imagine life without them at any cost. The increased usage of mobile phones lately has contributed to increased mobile radiation harming our existence a lot. Today, the usage of mobile phones is not restricted to only phone calling, but video calls, social media usage, movies, video recording, editing, and whatnot?

In fact, there is no harm in saying that our world revolves around mobile phones. This extreme usage of our mobile phones has resulted in our dependency on them. And all of this has created a ruckus surrounding us, which affects our lives and health.

This harmful mobile radiation has increased because we use mobile phones a lot, without knowing the adversities that they come with. Though it is invisible, the mobile rays are very dangerous for us as they increase the harmful effects on our mind and body, severely damaging us from within. Come, let us come and have a look at some other disadvantages of mobile radiation:-

Infertility- Be it mobile radiation or any other electronics radiation, each of it is harmful to men and women’s fertility and reproduction system. The radiation increases the chance of not conceiving, decreases sperm count, motility, etc. Thus, it is advisable to keep mobile phones away from your private parts, as the radiation would pass on speedily.

Neurotoxic Effects- If we are exposed to more wireless devices, which emit radiation to work and spread signals, it will harm our brain cells. This results in the death of brain cells in the learning and memory centers of the brain. Also, when we seek only mobile phones for every search, we put our brains on hold, reducing their usage.

Hearing Loss- With a mobile phone earphones, and other audio devices come along. This insertion creates a suction in the ear, damaging its nerve leading to hearing loss. Also, earphones increase the risk of tumors, as proven by researchers and other studies from the past.

Cognition & Impaired Memory- Many studies and researches by experts prove that while using mobile phones, human cognitive behavior power reduces such as learning, reacting, etc. Thus, limiting the use of mobile phones can be a boon for us.

With time, technology has gone beyond our imagination, and with its help, we at Environics has brought you Envirochip. Paste it at the back of your mobile phone, which will reduce the harmful radiation coming from our mobiles. These can also be a great present for your employees, dear ones, and anyone in this world whom you want to stay connected with while keeping their health in check.


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