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Know the Significant Ways to Reduce Side Effects Caused due to Mobile Phone Radiation

Environics December 28 2021 Share this:

Today a lot of people aspire for a stress-free life, better immunity, better sleep quality, overall well being, and better tech-life balance. On diving deep into all these menaces, one can observe that the major reason behind these problems is the mobile phones. A mobile phone that has become a must-have gadget comes with innumerable side effects that are often ignored because of its addiction among people using it. Today it has become difficult to imagine a life without a mobile phone, as despite knowing its adverse effects it is extremely hard to eliminate mobile phones from our lives.

The widespread use of mobile phones is raising concern about the possible side effects caused to people’s health. It is vital for people to understand the possible side effects of mobile phones so that they learn to properly use their mobile phones. Mobile phones communicate with base stations using radio frequency (RF) radiation and if RF radiation is high then it has a thermal effect that raises the body temperature. The low levels of RF radiation emitted by mobile phones may cause health problems like stress, sleep disorders, headaches, and lack of concentration or brain tumors.

high radiation phones

The mobile phone works like a two-way radio that includes the individual handset and the base stations. The antennae of the base station are mounted on a tower or roof to get the widest coverage and a mobile phone has a radio receiver and a transmitter. When a person makes a call, the mobile phone uses RF radiation through its antenna to talk to a nearby base station. The base station on receiving the signal directs the call through the landline phone system. Base stations of the mobile phone emit constant levels of RF radiation. The RF radiation levels emitted by the handset vary on things like how long a person is using the phone, how close a person is holding the phone to his/her body, and how close a person is to the base station. If the signal from the base station is weak then the mobile phone increases its radiation level to compensate. Therefore, high levels of RF radiation overheat body tissues and cause damage to health.

Ways to Reduce Mobile Phone Side Effects

Knowing that mobile phones cannot be completely eliminated from our lives, experts have suggested a few measures to limit unnecessary exposure from mobile phones.

  • Try to reduce your use of mobile phones as much as possible
  • Avoid keeping the mobile phone very close to your body like in a pocket
  • Make use of a headset or speaker of the phone while making or taking calls
  • Do not keep your mobile phone in bed while sleeping at night
  • Mobile phones should be kept on airplane mode when not in use

There are certain products launched in the market that enhances the protective layer or the aura of our body to a great extent and maintain energy level in our bodies. These products strengthen our immune system and hence make people less prone to seasonal ailments or chronic diseases. Envirochip is one such brilliant and amazing clinically tested product having proven health benefits. The chip can easily be applied on mobile phones protecting people from the harmful effects of electromagnetic radiation. The use of this chip on mobile phones reduces stress and boosts immunity so that mobiles can be safely used.


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