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Keep Yourself Protected from High Radiation Phones with Envirochip

Environics December 8 2021 Share this:

People’s addiction to smartphones is quite common as a smartphone is used for everything now, as this device has become an integral part of life required to perform an end number of tasks in their lives. Today people’s dependency on cell phones has increased to an extent that it has become hard to spend a day without phones. Smartphones since their inception have seen a major transformation, as from clunky devices with bad reception to currently sleek and multi function smartphones, this device is now used by people of all age groups including even children. A considerable amount of researches have been conducted to suggest that long-term smartphones use poses health risks due to the high radiation they emit. Smartphones, mobile towers, and other wireless devices show significant adverse biological and health effects that are primarily associated with the use of smartphones and other wireless devices.

Simple Things that can be done to Reduce the Risk of High Radiation Phones

  • With high radiation phones causing innumerable health benefits people need to find ways through which they can reduce the high radiation effect of smartphones. Some of the measures are discussed below:
  • The first thing that can be done is to minimize the use of cellphones and people should prefer using a landline whenever possible.
  • People while using smartphones should turn off the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth if it is not required.
  • When people are near a Wi-Fi router then they should use their phone on Wi-Fi and turn off their phone data because this will result in less radiation exposure compared to using the cellular network.
  • Another thing that can be done to reduce the effect of high radiation on the phone is to maintain distance between your body and phone. People should keep their phones at least 10 inches away from their body compared to one-tenth of an inch because it will considerably reduce the high mobile phone radiation.
  • Phones should always be kept away from the head and body and should be kept in a bag or backpack. While keeping the phone in pocket, it should be kept on airplane mode.
  • People should prefer text over calling and must use wired headphones or speakerphones for calls.
  • People should not sleep keeping phone next to their head
  • Smartphones should only be used when the signal is strong because phones are programmed to emit more radiation when the signal is poor.
  • Phones should not be used in an elevator or in a car because metal structures interfere with the signal.

In addition to the above-given measures, people who are highly conscious of high radiation phones can also stay protected against radiation with Envirochip. It is an easy-to-apply chip that is clinically tested and certified with proven health benefits. This chip is found effective in protecting people from the harmful effects of high radiation phones. Envirochip can be placed right above the mobile’s centre line that reduces stress and protects people’s immunity so that they can safely use their phones.


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