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Your employees are your most valuable asset. Express your appreciation with a unique gift.

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Increase Productivity

We help you ensure higher Productivity even while working From home


Reduce Stress and Attrition

Our products have shown positive clinical results in reducing stress up to 5% and thereby bringing down attrition rate


Protects your Immunity

We help to protect your immunity by introducing safe use of technology in your life


Fix and Forget

We provide an easy one time solution without any recurring cost


Non-Intrusive Solutions

Our Radiation Protection Solutions Do not stopping, absorbing or Deflecting it


Clinically tested and certified

Our Technology is based on rigorous research, Clinical tests and is certified by world’s renowned Labs and tech institutes


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& Perfected

Environics brings you proprietary radiation protection technology that’s been perfected over decades to ensure that you lead happier & fuller lives, free from the dangers of e-pollution.

No Layout Changes

We propose no structural changes as well as no alteration in the layout. What you get is a positive change with no extra efforts.

Measurable Results

What we do is quantifiable as we document every detail of our implementation so that we can measure the outcome accurately.

Clinically Tested & Certified

Our technology is based on rigorous research, clinical tests, and certified by the world’s top labs and tech institutes.

Non-Intrusive Solutions

Our solutions don’t interfere with your day to day life; everything is smooth and simple. The result is a supportive environment.

Survey Using Scientific Instruments

Before we start doing actual corrections, we survey the area with scientific instruments that make our solutions flawless.

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