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Welcome to Syenergy Environics

At Environics, we are committed to protecting mankind from the ill-effects of both natural radiation emanated from the earth’s core as well as the radiation emitted by man-made wireless communication devices. Creating safer and healthier spaces for people since 2007.

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Our Story

Syenergy Environics Ltd. since its inception in 2007 is working in the field of radiation protection enhancing wellness. We are constantly engaged in developing indigenous technologies to negate the harmful effects of natural (Geopathic Stress) and manmade(Electromagnetic) radiation without absorbing, stopping or deflecting it. Our area of work revolves around innovating products and services enabling healthier homes & productive workspaces

We are in the process of integrating our technology into various portable product forms – Envirochip is device-specific while Enviroglobe is for protection against the impact of radiation from the sources which are beyond our control like mobile towers, high tension power lines and server rooms. Another category of product is Envirolife, a gadget disinfectant spray that kills 99.99% of germs and bacteria with one easy spray once in a day.

Our radiation protection technology has been internationally tested and certified by various scientific & medical institutes Max Healthcare in India, Singapore Green building Council & DB Technology (Cambridge) Ltd. of U.K. The results have been published in MIT’s Technology Review and Journal of Biomedical Science & Engineering, USA.

BTo date, our solutions have been implemented in 13 countries, 74 cities & over 2000 establishments, including oil refineries, steel plants, airports, manufacturing & power plants, hospitals, education institutions, hotels, real estate projects, corporate offices of many MNCs & even individual residence.


Our Vision

To make every living and working space healthier for its occupants

Our Mission

Touching 10 Crore lives by 2023







4 million+

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Our Values

Every person deserves a healthier and safer life

We are living in a rapidly evolving world which is being revolutionized by wireless communication technology letting us have a myriad number of tech-enabled ways to make our life comfortable. However, on the flip side, the adverse impact of the same technology such as exposure to radiation that causes serious health issues is a major concern. Hence, we appear on the scene to take care of you. We are committed to making your life safe from all risks of radiation.

Our customers are our world

At Environics, we strive hard to provide with our customers exactly what they need to protect themselves. Our research-based products have been acclaimed internationally for utility and effectiveness.

Assured quality

We don’t compromise on the quality of our products that have been made to safeguard people from life-threatening effects of radiation. Our radiation-protection solutions have been clinically tested and reviewed by national and international tech-institutes and labs like MIT in USA, DB technology of Cambridge in UK, AIIMS and MAX Healthcare in India etc.

Let us deal with radiation while you lead your life comfortably!

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