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Stress Management: What Are The Healthy Ways To Reduce Stress?

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Stress is a part of life. Every human being is subjected to some kind of stress in their everyday life. Stress is basically the body’s response and reaction to the situational demands in life. It’s a ‘fight-or-flight’ moment. Some amount of stress is actually helpful and saves us from physical as well as mental threats to the body. However, the body is expected to come to normal after a moment of stress. And if it’s not so, it’s a serious concern indeed. Stress management, therefore, is necessary to make the most out of stress and nullify the harmful factors involved in stress. 

Stress Management involves a range of psychotherapies and other techniques to control the stress level and improve the “everyday functioning” of the body. People with higher stress levels have a “physical health decline”, remain unhappy, get irritated on numerous occasions. Sometimes, they go into depression as well. A stressed-out person also spoils his or her social relationships as an obvious outcome.

Identify the sources of stress to manage stress effectively

To reduce stress, it’s important to identify the sources of stress for effective stress management and the benefits thereof. We cannot beat the bush around, instead, we need to have a targetted strategy with concerted efforts. 

In most cases, the true reason or a source of stress is not what it has been thought to be. For example, many a time, too much stress due to thinking of work deadlines is not because of a lack of bandwidth. Maybe, It’s a result of procrastination or the inability to streamline and leverage skills & resources properly. 

There are various factors that work as stressors. And, there are multiple sources of stress for different people in different situations. Stress in the workplace is one of the major sources of stress that include long working hours, fear of job loss, discord with colleagues, and also exposure to the electromagnetic fields generated by multiple EMR-emitting wireless gadgets and network boosters. 

Do the following things to Identify the real sources of stress –

    • Inspect your “habits, attitude, and excuses” closely.
    • Define your stress – If the stressors are emanating from work life, home, or it’s a personality issue.
    • Accept the responsibility and have a positive approach towards things
    • Look at how you are coping with stress currently – are the ways for coping with stress healthy or unhealthy, productive or harmful, and willingly or forced ones.

Avoid the unhealthy ways of coping with stress 

Some ways may temporarily reduce stress but are unproductive in a true sense as they are harmful in a long run. Some people fall prey to some bad habits for instant results and quickly preventing stressors – 

Smoking, consumption of alcohol, OTC medicines, drugs, procrastination, avoiding social contact, excessive sleep, overeating or undereating, blaming others, avoiding responsibility, and causing physical harm to others, etc. are some of the unhealthy ways of coping with stress. 

Willingness to change is the first step towards effective stress management. We can either change the situation or we can amend the ways we react to the stressors. In this way, we can either avoid and alert the stressors or adapt and accept them to prevent stress and live a healthy life.

How to deal with stress in a healthier way

There are many ways that can dramatically improve the everyday functioning of the body and decrease stress levels. With these listed proven ways of coping with stress, we get complete control of our emotions, thoughts, reactions, the environment, and a routine. 

    • Physical Exercise: Some kind of physical activity is necessary for stress-free living. Exercising regularly improves sleep quality, reduces stress levels, helps stay fit, and brings in confidence. Physical exercise also stimulates certain hormones in the body such as endorphins and endocannabinoids that improve sleep quality and reduce bodily pains & anxiousness. Exercise does not necessarily mean weight training or intense physical activity. You can also do – running, cycling, dancing, aerobics, and swimming, etc. but regularly.
    • Healthy Diet: Diet plays important role in our life. A healthy diet promotes healthy living by providing the body the important nutrition, building immunity, maintaining blood pressure, and lessening stress levels. 
    • Reducing emf exposure: Our workplaces as well as our homes have multiple sources of electromagnetic radiation (EMR). The devices such as mobile phones, laptops, smart TVs, desktops, wifi routers emit EMR. The infrastructure such as cell phone towers, high-tension power lines, and IoT devices also emit EMR. This EMR from multiple sources creates an electromagnetic field that damages cells in the body. Continuous exposure to EMF causes a higher level of stress including other diseases.

You can use the certified radiation protection products that harmonize the EMF to reduce stress levels. These emf-harmonizing products do not impact the connectivity of the devices.

    • Having enough sleep: A physical and mental stress lower sleep quality and the Inability to have a good sleep again adds up to the stress level. This is a vicious cycle that steals healthiness from life. Inability to sleep and stay asleep for longer periods of time can also mean a serious health disorder – insomnia. EMF exposure also destroys sleep quality. Here again, a healthy diet, regular physical exercise, and the use of radiation protection products can help to a great extent.

Other ways to relieve stress

Apart from regular physical exercise, a healthy diet, and reducing emf exposure, there are some other techniques that can really help to prevent stress. Relaxation techniques such as Yoga, meditation, and deep breathing exercises greatly help in stress management. Changing behavior, that is, changing the way how we react to stressors has a more direct impact on the stress levels. A positive approach, being patient, and handling situations wisely negate the possible stresses for sure. Socializing also helps especially at workplaces.


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