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7 Simple Tips To Avoid Rage Quitting At Work

admin September 10 2020 Share this:

A project fails at the last moment despite you giving your heart and soul to it, a heated verbal duel with a colleague 

Aren’t these the moments you start fuming from inside and the thought of quitting your job starts clouding your brain? As humans, we are governed by our emotions but that doesn’t change the first golden rule of success – controlling your anger!   

Lately, the rate at which employees quit their jobs has seen a sudden spike. A report suggests that as much as 71% of millennials are not satisfied at work. On a bad day, this dissatisfaction coupled with frustration and anger leads to quitting the job. That’s rage quitting.

As the dust settles, rage quitters realize that their temper got the better of them and the ‘come what may’ attitude gives way to regret.

So, here’s what you can do to avoid quitting your job at the heat of the moment:

  1. Take a break – Just when your patience reaches the tipping point and you are about to take the rash decision, divert your attention. To cool your mind, walk out of your office and spend some time out in the open. Grab a cold drink and that can do you a world of good. If you feel like venting call a friend.
  2. Remember your goals – Apart from earning your bread, your job is the bloodlines of your personal goals. Ask yourself whether your momentary anger is greater than the dreams and aspirations that you have nurtured with so much love and care. 
  3. Don’t shoo away future opportunities – The rage quitter leaves a bad taste behind with people they worked with.  This may affect future opportunities. It’s a small world. You never know who you work with, when.  Public display of your anger will affect your reputation in front of your peers too. They might also refrain from recommending you in the future.  
  4. Accept the challenge – Don’t we all imagine to be admired by our colleagues, bosses, and clients? That can happen when you convert adversities into opportunities. When things go haywire and you are on the verge of losing your calm, take a few deep breaths and regain your mental composure. Do an RCA or root cause analysis. See what’s going wrong, where.  Make a plan of action. And follow it religiously   
  5. Channelize your anger – Anger is often mistaken as an emotion. It’s energy. Instead of allowing your anger to cause irreversible damage to your career, it is always wise to channelize this energy into sorting out the mess at crunch situations. Remember, a character is not made, it is exhibited in situations like these.
  6. Seek Help  – If you are being pushed to the edge due to a poor attitude of a colleague, your client, or your boss,  then seeking help is a far better option than hanging up your boots. When tormented by a client or a colleague, reach out to your boss. If your boss is your reason for worry, talk to your HR team. If the work culture of your organization is troubling you, then it’s best to plan your exit properly and leave without making noise. 
  7. Keep yourself distressed – Anger is nothing new to mankind but extreme stress and tension are indeed by-products of modern-day lifestyle & innovations. Wireless devices like mobile phones, laptops, etc emit electromagnetic radiation (EMR) which not only increases your stress levels but also corrode your immunity. After years of tireless research and upliftment of human health as a core value, Environics has come up with radiation protectors like Envirochip and Envirocover which will negate the dangerous impacts of EMR emitting from these gadgets. If you want to make your workplace holistically healthier, Enviroglobe can be a great option. 

So, next time you see yourself in the midst of a tough situation, don’t act before thinking. Put your best foot forward to keep stress at bay and learn from mistakes.


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