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Stress And The Ways To Get Relief From It

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Stress has now become a part of our life, everyone faces stress from time to time. Studies have proved that long-term stress can build up and adverse impact on health. According to experts, there are several measures and precautions that a person can take and fight against stress. Stress could occur mostly in working people, work-related stress can create murderous ill effects in human beings as the ability to handle pressure could be less in certain cases.

What Is Stress?

Stress can be defined as a normal psychological and physical response to the day-to-day demands of life and our way to respond to these situations. The feeling of being overloaded with mental or emotional pressure can turn into stress when you feel unable to cope with the situations. While a certain level of stress can be motivational for one person, the same level may overwhelm someone else.

Frequent stress can cause the body to be in a heightened state of stress most of the time, which leads to suppressed immunity, digestive and reproductive problems, increased aging, and a greater risk of heart attack and stroke. Stress can also leave you more vulnerable to mental health concerns, such as depression and anxiety. Stress is a major concern for mental disorders and high blood pressure.

Causes For Stress And Its Effects On The Human Body

Common causes of stress include work pressure, major life changes, relationship difficulties, and financial problems. Work-related stress can be due to the extensive work pressure in offices and businesses, this extreme pressure of coping up with the situation and delivering the assigned task on time creates pressure on employees which requires extra working hours and creates mental stress. 

Work-related Stress

Each and every-one has a dream to achieve a goal in their life. Career development, status, and a well-paying job is a dream that every human being owns and to fulfill this requires a lot of hard work and dedication, but not many can achieve their dreams just because of the lack of resources available with them, this could be in terms of finance or better educational resources. Too much workload in the office delivering assigned tasks on time, achieving monthly and yearly targets, extended working hours, weak and undefined work policies can lead to extreme stress in any employee thus affecting his productivity.

Office internal relations are also a cause of extreme stress getting to a worse situation when any employee feels that he is not getting enough support and guidance from the management and his immediate supervisors. Employees start feeling demoralized in certain circumstances when they see conflicts between teammates and colleagues.  

Finance-related Stress

Earning money is one of the major worries for every human being. Financial issues can lead to extreme toxic stress and can affect one’s health badly. The financial stress can lead to various health issues:-

Physical Health:-On going financial stress can be linked to migraines, poor sleep, or sleep disorders diabetes, etc. Left untreated in this concern can even lead to life-threatening illnesses which can plunge further into debts. `

Mental Disorders:- It has been found that financial imbalance can lead to mental stress as the control over needs could not be managed. People having extra debt on them have higher rates of mental stress and can face issues such as depression and anxiety in extreme cases. 

Change In Behaviour:- Financial stress can even lead to a change in behavior, Such as unhealthy behavior among family members and friends, disturbance in eating habits, even in some cases it has been found that people start engaging in the usage of drugs and alcohol thus impacting their physical and mental health. 

There are guidelines available on the internet on how a person can cope up with financial stress and can learn to cope with financial stress and efficiently manage his financial crises. Some of the understanding required to reduce this stress is understanding hs debt cycle. Source opportunities for extra earnings, efficiently manage your budgets cut down on your extra expenses.

But It’s Also A Fact That Stress Is Different For Everyone Which May Have Several Other Factors

Constant exposure to EMR (Electromagnetic radiation) and Geopathic radiation can also be a major cause leading to stress. EMFs interaction with biological systems may cause oxidative stress under certain circumstances. Radiation emanating from wireless and electronic gadgets such as mobile phones, Wi-Fi routers, baby monitors, Mobile towers, etc. are some examples of radiation emanating sources. Exposure to RF(Radio-frequency) radiation (mainly from mobile phones) has been postulated to trigger a variety of neurological effects, including headaches, changes in sleep pattern, modification in the neuronal electrical activity, and disturbance in the neurotransmitter release

If you let your stress spiral on for too long, it can have damaging effects on your physical, mental, and emotional health, especially if it becomes chronic. Physical symptoms of chronic stress include headaches, sleeping problems, muscle pain or tension, digestive issues like weak immunity high blood pressure, Anxiety restlessness, irritability, and even depression in some cases. 

Precautions to Reduce Stress 

There could be several precautions that can be taken to reduce the level of stress. Regular work-out and yoga have proven to be one of the best methods that reduce your mental stress, try indulging in more social gatherings spend some time with family and friends, and discuss. Excess consumption of caffeine may also be a reason for stress, try to limit the use of Caffeine intake, and proactively replace it with a healthier drink option such as fresh juice. Have a balanced and healthy diet. Get yourself more engaged in stress management courses, if needed consult a doctor or counselor. 

Other Factors Causing Stress 

One of the major sources of stress in the human body is radiation emanating from Geopathic gridlines. Sleeping or spending a lot of time in Geopathic stress zones can lead to several ill effects on our health, performance, and wellbeing. 

Understanding Geopathic Stress.

Geopathic stress is a distorted or disrupted electromagnetic field of the Earth, Geopathic Stress is the general term used for natural radiations emanating from the earth. Geopathic stress is a relatively new term that covers the relationship between earth energies and people’s wellbeing. Prolonged exposure to radiation emanating these lines can have an invisible risk to our health thus causing various health issues such as weak immunity, Sleep disorders, mental and physical stress, and even to cancer in extreme cases. One of the major reasons for stress among children could be lying of their study tables on this geopathic zone thus impacting their performance. Where in the case of adults one of the reasons for their professional life stress is stress caused by geopathic lines.

Higher stress level increases the levels of lower efficiency and constant fatigue.


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