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Meant To Sanitise

Certified 24 Hours Protection
  • Your Phone & Tablet

  • Your Laptop & Desktop

  • Your Tv & Remote

  • Your Table Top &
    Other Hard Surfaces

  • For All Your Gadgets
    At Home & Office

Tested & Certified Sanitisation

EnviroLife, a certified gadget disinfectant spray from the house of Environics, kills 99.99% of germs and bacteria including antibiotic-resistant germs, and protects you for 24-hours with one easy spray. Available in two different variants as Desk Pack of 100 Ml and Pocket Pack of 20 Ml, EnviroLife is your companion whether you are at home, office, or in travel.

A New Essential For A New World

Make Your Life An Envirolife

24 Hour Protection

Convenient &
Easy To Use Packs


Comes With A Microfiber Cleaner

What The Research Says

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