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Negative energies like electromagnetic radiations can be the reason behind underperforming employees, affected cash-flow, and the higher attrition rate

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Your workforce is low performing due to surrounded by harmful radiations

20% of employees  impacted by Earth’s Geopathic Radiation and  20-30% of employees are impacted by Electrosmog from mobile towers, Wi-Fi routers, servers, boosters, high tension wire lines, etc. The workplaces of modern days also host server rooms and a wide range of wireless communication devices.

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Radiation is the hidden reason behind business failures because it causes


Higher Attrition Rate


Higher Fatigue


Lower Efficiency & Productivity


Stressed Interpersonal Relationship


Lower Immunity


Lower Focus


Risk to the heart


Poor sleep quality


Higher stress


Customised Solutions for Office Wellness

  • Identify most impacted areas with negative energies, natural radiation & electrosmog
  • Use scientific tools and technology to identify sources
  • Correct your issue with our effective techniques

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We Are Under Continuous Threat of Harmful radiation From


Negative radiations emanated from the earth


Laptops and Desktops


Mobile Phones


Server Rooms


WiFi Routers


Smart TVs


Nearby mobile towers


Network boosters


High tension Power lines

How do we make a difference - Impact of our work

We create healthier, safer & productive spaces to work and live in

  • Lower Stress and Fatigue
  • Enhanced Interpersonal Relationships
  • Improved Health and Overall Wellbeing For Employees.
  • Enabling Work-environment
  • Decrease in Attrition Rate
  • Improved Immune System of People at the Workplace
  • Increased Efficiency & Productivity
  • Improved Cash Flow
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We are enabling workplaces to thrive

From oil refineries and commercial places to engineering firms and textile plants, we have enabled them to bounce back with higher efficiency and productivity.

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An oil refinery put an end to persistent shutdowns

A large public sector oil refinery in Maharashtra faced 33 breakdowns in the first year and a half of its operations. The problem was pinpointed to the failure of the seals and couplings. Despite constant repairs, they kept malfunctioning. That is when Environics was called in. We found that all the couplings which were in a single line were cut by Hartmann Lines. We carried out the necessary corrections. Post correction reviews showed that the incidence of shutdowns had tapered off. Thereafter we were assigned further correction projects in other plants by this PSU.

A commercial space increased its footfalls

Shops located in a certain wing of a prime mall in the city of Kolkata were faced with a puzzling situation. These premium brand outlets did not report good sales while others on the opposite side did. That is the stage where Environics came in. Our team surveyed the area and found that there were many sources of negative radiation. These were duly corrected. Three months after corrective action, the affected shops reported a rising sales graph at par with other shops in the vicinity.

An ailing textile plant became productive

Soon after adding a captive power plant to aid its expansion drive, a major textile plant in Karnataka was besieged by problems. The effluent treatment plant broke down frequently and the weaving unit showed low productivity. These factors, along with a sluggish market, severely affected the company's bottom line for three consecutive years. That is when Environics was called in. Our team found and corrected several areas of negative radiation in and around the new power plant and the effluent treatment plant. Post-correction, there was a complete turnaround in the performance of the textile plant and the health of the people working in it.

An engineering firm tackled labor problem

An ISO certified metal engineering unit was facing an acute labor problem. It sought the help of Environics in a bid to resolve the issue. Environics surveyed the affected plant and carried out the necessary corrections. Soon after the client called to report negative results. The labor unrest had actually increased further and there was a lockout at the plant! He was advised to wait and report back after two weeks. When he did not, Environics followed up proactively. The client was apologetic but elated. Two weeks after the corrective measures, he had been able to terminate the rabble-rousers and make a fresh start with a committed workforce. His firm's productivity graph has been going north ever since.


What is EMR exposure?

Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR) is a term used for constant waves of Electromagnetic Field (EMF) emanated from wireless communication devices such as mobile phones, computers, smart TVs, etc. EMR exposure is basically an incident when we come into contact with this harmful e-radiation. Exposure to high radiofrequency electromagnetic fields (RF-EMF) can cause serious biological issues.

Yes, electromagnetic radiation (EMR) and the negative energies coming out of the earth definitely affect us. Health issues such as higher fatigue and stress, poor sleep, headache, birth defects, and cancer are the ill-effects of harmful e-radiation. The higher attrition rate, low productivity, increase in machine breakdown and downtime, disturbed interpersonal relationships, and affected cash-flow are some of the signs of geopathic stress at the workplace.

You can minimize the use of emr-emitting devices or use them whenever it is actually necessary. Since the fact that keeping all emr-emitting devices away from the human body is not possible, we can use solutions made available to us by Environics to shield human life from the harmful effects of electromagnetic radiation.

Low-frequency radiations can penetrate anything, they just go straight. Therefore, walls can not make the radiation bounce off. And, hence the emf from the neighbor’s house can also affect you. You can use Enviroglobe along with Envirochip to purify all the harmful radiation coming to you from outside or inside the home.

Environics is an internationally recognized brand for its state of the art radiation protection technology. Envirochip takes care of both the natural and man-made radiation. The DIY products such as Envirochip, and Enviroglobe protect you from emr emitted by wireless communication devices such as mobile phones, laptops, smart TVs, WiFi routers, etc. and the radiation sources beyond your control such as mobile towers, transmission lines, neighbor’s WiFi, etc. Also, Environics corrects geopathic stress that is basically negative energy emanated from the earth’s core.
The products by Environics are clinically tested, reviewed, and recommended by national and international tech institutes and labs such as MIT, USA, DB Technology, Cambridge, UK, MAX healthcare and AIIMS, India, etc.

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