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Increase your productivity 3x with this quick technique

admin October 12 2020 Share this:

Are you spending a lot of time in front of your laptop or mobile screen? But the outcome is not equal to the effort you are putting in? 

According to scientific researches, the following factor can become a major reason for low productivity and output 

Want to increase your productivity? To solve a problem, you must find out the reason for it. There might be many contributing factors that are hampering our productivity.

Electromagnetic Radiation is one such hidden enemy that is deteriorating our capability to perform well. Electronic gadgets like laptops and mobiles emit harmful radiation which directly impacts our brain functioning, lowering productivity. The other side effects of electromagnetic radiation include high-stress levels, poor sleep quality, high fatigue, heart health issues, and low immunity. WHO has also termed these radiations as possibly cancerous while allotting them in the same category of fumes, exhaust, lead, and asbestos.

Keeping the current scenarios in mind. It has become impossible for us to work without electronic devices. These gadgets have become an integral part of our daily life. What we need is a radiation protection solution as a rescue here.

We can protect our workplace from harmful radiation by using clinically tested and internationally certified Radiation Protection Technology – Envirochip & Enviroglobe. 

Envirochip – We can shield ourselves from the radiation emitted by our mobile phone & laptop. This small chip is made with special protection technology that changes the nature of harmful radiations in a manner that doesn’t impact our body. It is clinically tested and certified from top medical and technological institutes like Max Healthcare, AIIMS, MIT Review, CE, DB Technology, JBiSE, and Steria.

Enviroglobe – There are numerous sources of radiation that are beyond our reach like our colleague’s laptop & mobile phone, neighbor’s wi-fi router, mobile towers and high tension power lines near our home & office, server rooms, etc. Enviroglobe safeguards us from all these radiation sources by creating a safety bubble with a radius of 300 sq. feet around us.


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