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How to Protect Yourself from 5G Towers?

Environics January 13 2022 Share this:

With the introduction of 5G, the fifth generation of cellular mobile communications, the promise of faster data rates, increased capacity and great connectivity, the concern is only one- is it safe? Questions like: how to protect yourself from 5g towers, its impact on our life, etc., keeps coming in!

Lately, we have heard a lot of debates going on about the adverse effect of 5G, which is why 5G being safe remains a big question. People can be seen in favour of and against 5G. Thus, to know what side you are at, know about 5G in detail.

What is 5G?

5G is the next generation of wireless communication responsible for stellar changes coming in the digital communication world. 5G is responsible for speeding from 4G’s 10 Mbps to 10-20 Gbps and network latencies dropping from 30 ms to about 1 ms. This next-generation wireless communication is a dream come true for many tech-savvy people.

How 5G has Changed the Game?

With 5G network speed, gamers got access to top-notch gaming speed, unimaginable real-time video buffering, and real-time connectivity between anything remotely digital. In short, 5G has come up with a drastic change for a lot of people. It has helped speed up the life of all those depending on cellular networks and the Internet for Things (IoT).

protect yourself from 5g towers

What is the Working of Tech Innovation?

While learning about how to protect yourself from 5g towers it is crucial to understand the idea before it launches as a product. And to make what it is today, the product requires undergoing a series of processes at the backend. So, to help you understand that how an actual product comes to life, we present you a summary of how tech innovation works:-

  • If a company wants to excel in the tech industry, it will need to brainstorm on an idea, which is way ahead of time.
  • Once it has the idea about the product, companies usually file a patent. Then it hires specialists and lobbyists for a systematic plan of technology’s success. All this is done without thinking about its impact on the general public in the short or long run.
  • After this, the technology is worked behind closed doors to ignore any issue. Also, its testing remains very limited, and the main aim of the technology curators is always to generate profits.
  • Laws passed by the governments are altered sometimes while secret lobbying, mutually self-serving goals, insane incentives, along with secret payoffs are also present. The public is left with little choice or absolutely no choice in the matter, and in the end, no one but the company loses a little.

How to Protect Yourself from 5G Towers? Things you can do!

To protect oneself from 5G towers, all you need are Envirocare products from our store. These products include Envirochip, Envirocare, Enviroglobe, Envirolife, and Envirocover. All these products have proven to reduce the impact of rays coming from 5G towers. These products are a value for money for anyone whose job includes working on digital gadgets all day long. These products are the result of brainstorming a larger than life idea to reduce the impact of EMR on the human body. So, scroll down our website and purchase any Enviro product to add value to your life and the environment.


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