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How Can You Reduce Your Exposure To Radiation?

admin September 10 2020 Share this:

It is a simple truth in today’s times: wireless technology surrounds us at our home, not just homes. Human being’s exposure to Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR) is at an all-time high due to a surfeit of gadgets at their homes. Constant exposure to EMR can cause memory loss, sleeping disorders, and headaches.

This is a very relevant and important topic which is not getting the attention it deserves in our constantly-connected and powered-up world. Scientific research has time and again showed us that radiation from devices like wi-fi and mobile phones puts a human being under tremendous health risk. It is important to think twice before opting for a ‘smart’ wireless gadget.

A few tweaks to your lifestyle would help you greatly reduce the exposure of radiation on you and help you live a hale and hearty life.

Simple everyday hacks to reduce radiation exposure

  1. Use a LAN connection for your internet purposes.
  2. When your smartphone is not in use, keep it in a bag or on a table. Don’t keep it in your pockets rather keep it away as far as you can.
  3. One of the most advised ways of using your mobile phones is by using a handsfree headset. But in some cases, headsets can leave an uncomfortable feeling in your inner ear. Consider buying an Envirocover for your mobile phone, which will reduce the impact of the radiation on your body from the gadget.
  4. Always keep your laptops on a table or desk. Never keep it on your lap.
  5. Turn off your devices (smart television, wi-fi routers, and smartphones) when going to sleep.
  6. Reduce the time that you use these devices, not more than 6 hours a day.
  7. Try to cultivate habits for yourself or for your kids that is not dependent on these gadgets.
  8. Always prefer a stove or a toaster.
  9. If you have a microwave oven stay far away from it when it is functioning.

Tips to reduce EMR exposure at home


Bedrooms are considered to be a scared space in our homes. It is the space where you can retire after a hectic day’s work safe in the knowledge that you will get the needed rest for the next day’s slog. But when we take our phones along with us into the bedroom we are bringing with us unwanted stress and possible causes of ill-health. Some of the best ways to protect yourself from radiation within the walls of your bedroom would be as follows:

  1. When you are going to sleep avoid keeping the phone next to your head. The emission of radiation from your phones could make you vulnerable to various health issues like brain cancer. If you are opting for the alarm clock setting keep the phone in Airplane mode. 
  2. Make sure to disable the wireless devices. If the wi-fi router is placed in your bedroom, it is advised by the experts to turn it off. But forgetting to switch it off at night can be a common occurrence. In that case, you can get yourself either an Envirochip or opt for Enviroglobe that will provide you all-round protection.
  3. Another way would be to keep the wi-fi routers away from the bedrooms.
  4. Encourage your kids to move away from using phones or tablets for entertainment. Cultivate a reading habit for your kids. If they are using a tablet or a mobile phone place it on a stand or attach an Envirochip to these gadgets.

Living Rooms

This is one room of the house that has a plethora of gadgets that emits radiation. The gadgets would be Smart Television, a wi-fi router, your laptops (depending on how many members use that device), mobile phones, smartwatches, etc. During the daytime, till you hit the bed these devices would be switched on as they are in constant use. You can safeguard yourself from radiation from these devices by the following methods:

  1. When your Wi-fi router is not in use, make sure to switch them off. Sometimes switching it off can be forgotten so it would be advisable to add Enviroglobe to your household items
  2. Not using your smartwatch or wearable fitness devices constantly can be much healthier than always tracking your movements.
  3. Avoid buying Smart TV
  4. Disconnect your Smart TV fully from the WiFi modem when not in use.
  5. While watching TV put as much as the distance between yourself and the gadget.

Out of Door

  1. On almost all the lifts that you would have come across a sign saying ‘No mobile phones inside the lift’. It is not because talking over the mobile phone in the lift would disturb others but because of the impact of radiation in a lift. Studies have shown that radiation emitted in a lift would amplify the effect of radiation on human beings. 
  2. Avoid speaking on the phone in the car where the mobile phone has to work extra hard to keep a decent signal, thus increasing EMR exposure. Use the speakerphone or BlueTooth feature. This is especially important for children who are more susceptible to mobile phone radiation.
  3. When going out for dinner or shopping avoid keeping the phone in your pockets. It is advisable to keep them in a bag.
  4. At your offices, you would be in the range of the EMR field caused by your colleagues’ mobile and other devices. In these cases, it would be ideal to take a walk from your workstation every 5 minutes in an hour or keep Enviroglobe on your desk to negate these radiations.
  5. When you are in a situation where you don’t need to use your mobile phone, like in a movie theatre, either turn off your phone or switch it to airplane mode.


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