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About EnviroCare

Envirocare has been carefully created after in-depth research to counteract the imbalances in our environment which are not conducive to our body.

Envirocare enhances the protective layer of our body (the Ionic Body/Aura) and strengthening our immune system, making us less prone to seasonal ailments or chronic diseases. It works on the principle of enhancing our natural bio frequency, thereby providing protection against bacterial and viral attacks/infections.

Envirocare has been extensively tested and Improvement in Sleep Quality and Heart Rate Variability has been observed among the most noticeable outcomes.

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Why Use EnviroCare?


Enhanced Natural Immunity


Better Sleep Quality


Greater Protection against Ailments from Viral & Bacterial Infections


Easy-to-Use, Portable Designs, Crafted into a Pendant and a Card


CE-certified Wellness Essential for Everyday Use


Product life of more than 5 years

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