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Let Kids Learn Grow and Develop in a Stress-Free Premise

Shield your kids from harmful radiation emitted by wireless educational gadgets and negative energy emanated from the earth.

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Negative Energies Are Affecting The Scholastic Life of Kids

Today, education across the globe has partially taken the form of e-learning as well as our kids are spending considerable time on gadgets. Since the wireless communication devices emit harmful radiation, children are more vulnerable to radiation risk as their body is comparatively more absorbent and their skulls are thinner.

Kids need a stress-free and enabling environment to grow

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Kids Are More Sensitive To Radiation Than Adults


Students Become Slow in Learning


Lazy and Forgetful Students


Aggressive and Antisocial Students


Higher Stress and Fatigue


Lower Focus and Lack of Concentration


Lower Immunity


Risk to the heart


Risk to children's development




Customised Solutions for Wellness of Educational Premises

We create a layer of protection for your kids
Kids learn and grow better when they are provided with an enabling environment that also includes radiation-protected areas where the kids spend most of their time to learn such as schools, a study in the home, and educational institutions.

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Children Are Exposed To Irreversible Threat of Radiation


Negative energies emanated from the earth




Mobile Phones


WiFi Routers




Air conditioner systems




Nearby mobile towers


Server room


High tension power lines

How do we make a difference?

We create healthier, safer & productive spaces to work and live in

  • Remarkable Progress In Learning
  • Increased Knowledge Retention Capacity
  • Positive Behavioural Change
  • Reduced Absenteeism
  • Improved Focus and Concentration
  • Lower Stress and Fatigue
  • Higher immunity
  • Improved Health and Overall Wellbeing of Kids
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What is EMR exposure?

Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR) is a term used for constant waves of Electromagnetic Field (EMF) emanated from wireless communication devices such as mobile phones, computers, smart TVs, etc. EMR exposure is basically an incident when we come into contact with this harmful e-radiation. Exposure to high radiofrequency electromagnetic fields (RF-EMF) can cause serious biological disorders. For school-going kids, EMF exposure disturbs their school performance and overall growth both physically and mentally.

Geopathic stress is a term used to describe negative energies that rise up from the earth and affect the health and wellbeing of humans in society as well as machines in plants and factories. Approximately, 20% of every establishment across the globe is affected by geopathic stress.

You can minimize the use of emr-emitting devices or use them whenever it is actually necessary. Since the fact that keeping all emr-emitting devices away from the human body is not possible, we can use solutions made available to us by Environics to shield human life from the harmful effects of electromagnetic radiation.

Low-frequency radiations can penetrate anything, they just go straight. Therefore, walls can not make the radiation bounce off. And, hence the emf from the neighbor’s house can also affect you. You can use Enviroglobe along with Envirochip to purify all the harmful radiation coming to you from outside or inside the home.

Environics is an internationally recognized brand for its state of the art radiation protection technology. Envirochip takes care of both the natural and man-made radiation. The DIY products such as Envirochip and Enviroglobe protect you from electromagnetic radiation (EMR) emitted by wireless communication devices such as mobile phones, laptops, smart TVs, WiFi routers, etc. and the radiation sources beyond your control such as mobile towers, transmission lines, neighbor’s WiFi, etc. Also, Environics corrects geopathic stress that is basically negative energy emanated from the earth’s core.
The products by Environics are clinically tested, reviewed, and recommended by national and international tech institutes and labs such as MIT, USA, DB Technology, Cambridge, UK, MAX healthcare and AIIMS, India, etc.

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