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We Are Enabling Workplaces To Thrive

From oil refineries and commercial places to engineering firms and textile & steel plants, we have enabled them to bounce back with higher efficiency and productivity.

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1. An oil refinery put an end to persistent shutdowns

A large public sector oil refinery in Maharashtra faced 33 breakdowns in the first year and a half of its operations. The problem was pinpointed to the failure of the seals and couplings. Despite constant repairs, they kept malfunctioning. That is when Environics was called in. We found that all...
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2. A commercial space increased its footfalls

Shops located in a certain wing of a prime mall in the city of Kolkata were faced with a puzzling situation. These premium brand outlets did not report good sales while others on the opposite side did. That is the stage where Environics came in. Our team surveyed the area and found that there were...
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3. An ailing textile plant became productive

Soon after adding a captive power plant to aid its expansion drive, a major textile plant in Karnataka was besieged by problems. The effluent treatment plant broke down frequently and the weaving unit showed low productivity. These factors, along with a sluggish market, severely affected the...
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4. An engineering firm tackled labor problem

An ISO certified metal engineering unit was facing an acute labor problem. It sought the help of Environics in a bid to resolve the issue. Environics surveyed the affected plant and carried out the necessary corrections. Soon after the client called to report negative results. The labor unrest had...
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5. How a building finally found occupants

A state of the art building, in Bengaluru's prized IT Park, found few takers. Prospective clients who visited the facility acknowledged all that it had to offer but did not sign on the dotted line. One of the oft-cited reasons was that the building did not feel right. 4 lakhs sq feet of prime real...
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6. A steel plant was made healthy and safer for the people at work

Environics implemented radiation protection in 2-3 units of a large steel plant (JSW Steel Ltd. Glass House) along with their main administrative building by correcting negative energies coming out of the ground. The work was done in March 2017 and as per our normal process, we did the 1st review...
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7. Rayon Manufacturing Unit saw a great improvement in efficiency and productivity

This was our first Rayon Manufacturing unit, where our solutions were implemented in Feb 2018 and we conducted the first review in September 2018. Natural energies were corrected and balanced for the whole plot area (528 Acres) and detailed Radiation corrections and balancing was done. During our...
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