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3 Unique Diwali Gift Ideas For A Memorable Celebration

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Diwali is happiness! Diwali is India’s grand festival that revitalizes our minds and brings warmth, prosperity, and delighted moments in our lives. The festival of light is really a great occasion to get along with our loved ones, celebrate and of course exchange happiness with different kinds of gifts including delicious foods. As Diwali has come closer, we all are excited to meet our loved ones and exchange gifts. And, when it comes to Diwali gift ideas, what else could be better than a gift of care and good health! Envirochip and Enviroglobe, therefore, perfectly serve the purpose of being the best gift items in the current scenario of health hazards. 

This Diwali, Multiply Your Happiness With Stronger Immunity With The Best Diwali Gift Ideas

As Buddha rightly said,

to keep the body in good health is a duty…otherwise we shall not be able to keep the mind strong and clear.”

Keeping our physical health in a good state is a prerequisite for having good mental health. Owing to the tech-enabled work life, we are obsessed with multiple IoT and wireless communication devices in our day to day lives. These wireless gadgets such as mobile phones and laptops emit harmful electromagnetic radiation that causes us mental stress, irritation, and other serious health issues such as poor sleep quality, weakened immunity, fertility issues, and cancer to name a few.

Then why not choose a gift of care and good health and make the Diwali gifting memorable with the added value of health protection for your family, friends, and loved ones? Take a look at the below-listed radiation protection products that would be a wise choice for you as a Diwali gift.

Let Radiation Not Affect Your Happiness In Festivities

Wireless communication technology has revolutionized the world and has transformed the ways of doing business by connecting people across the globe through a virtual network. We use mobile phones, laptops, wifi routers, and other IoT devices in homes, offices, and also on the go. We have numerous other radiation sources such as mobile phone towers, high-tension power lines, and neighbor’s radiofrequency sources that are beyond our control. These devices and equipments are connected through wireless signals that produce radio-frequency electromagnetic field (RF-EMF) which harmful to human health. Continuous exposure to electromagnetic radiation (EMR) emitted by all these wireless gadgets makes us fall sick and even cause the deadliest cancer. Radiation protection solutions by Environics nullify the harm factor in e-radiation. 

Envirochip – A Tiny Radiation Harmonizer

Envirochip is an EMF harmonizer that neutralizes electromagnetic radiation and thus helps us live a healthy life. You can fix the different Envirochips on different devices. You have the option of getting Envirochip for mobile phones, laptops, desktop, tablets, smart TVs, wifi routers, and baby monitors. This tiny, flat Envirochip is a fix-and-forget effective radiation protection solution that can be a perfect gift idea in the festivity season. Envirochip lasts long and works a lifetime. Is not it impressive?  Shop Envirochip here

Diwali Gift Ideas - Envirochip for radiation protection

Enviroglobe – A Coolest Looking 360-degree Approach to Radiation Protection

If you are looking for a perfect festivity gift, Enviroglobe is the best choice. Enviroglobe provides us complete radiation protection in an area of 300 square feet and the range of protection can be extended by placing multiple globes at equal distances. Put it in home, office, or on the car’s dashboard, Enviroglobe ensures you around radiation safety. You need not even worry about the radiation sources beyond your control such as nearby mobile towers and neighbor’s wifi routers, Enviroglobe negates harmful radiation from every direction. Enviroglobe has no expiry and enough of this, we can charge Enviroglobe under sunlight or focussed light source for 15 minutes a week. How is the gift idea then? Would you like to protect your loved one’s life from the harmful effects of radiation? Shop Enviroglobe at a discounted price

Diwali Gift Ideas - Enviroglobe for radiation protection

Envirocover –  Two-way Benefits From A Single Item

Gift the dual advantage to your family and friends. Envirocover protects us from electromagnetic radiation emitted by phone while taking care of the phone itself from scratches and unexpected falls. The mobile phone is the most essential gadget of the time and we carry and keep it in close proximity to our body 24/7. And therefore, mobile phones cause most radiation-related diseases to humans such as stress, fatigue, poor sleep, loss of immunity, etc. This Diwali, gift this multi-advantageous Envirocover to someone you love and reduce radiation risk for them while protecting their mobile phone. What do you think? What could be a better gift idea than a gift of care and good health? Shop Envirocover here 

Diwali Gift Ideas - Envirocover for radiation protection

How A Radiation Protection Kit Makes A Better Gift Option During The Festivities

For every one of us, health is most important than anything else in the world. The technology we use today has a great share of wireless communication and that’s the reason we are under great threat in the form of exposure to harmful radiation. Today, we see people are diagnosed with cancer and many have developed a range of serious diseases due to radiation exposure. If we tell you that we would take care of you from the harmful electromagnetic radiation that has the potential to risk your life, how’d you react? You will be greatly thankful, won’t you? And, exactly the same way, if you gift these certified radiation protection products to your loved ones, they will be equally thankful and happy.

Festivities give us opportunities for gifting that’s why a gift of care and good health makes sense. And, therefore these three unique Diwali gift ideas best suit the purpose. Sounds interesting and useful?


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